Portable charcoal grill.

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    MSRP: €449.00

    *Pre-orders starting on July. 40% Early Bird discount included.

    • SmartGrate™ → Absolute control of the cooking temperature.

    • Integrated Cooking Light

    • Manual ignition with Booster → Fire up time 5 min

    • Cooking assistant (auditive and visual information)

    • Battery-powered → Cordless grill.

    • Smokeless

    • Fast extinguishing and cooling

    • Transport bag included

    Don’t be deceived by its small size, it can hit up 250ºC in a few minutes. This portable charcoal grill incorporates all the exclusive tech that characterize the Sthule products. Its compact square shape fits into small, tight spaces.

    Cooking capabilities


    Technical specifications

    • SIZE: L370 W370 H230 mm (L14.5 W14.5 H9 in)

    • WEIGHT: 7.5kg (16.5lbs)

    • COOKING AREA: 290x290mm (11.5×11.5in)

    • COOKING TEMPERATURE RANGE: 70ºC-250ºC (158ºF-480ºF)

    • MAXIMUM CHARCOAL LOAD: 350g (0.70lbs) * Allows 2h of cooking at 250ºC

    • COOKING CAPACITY: 2-4 people

    • ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Battery-powered or 110-220V AC 50Hz/60Hz

    • BATTERY LIFE: Up to 20 hours of cooking at 250ºC.

    Accessories included